Sunday, February 22, 2015

Powerful Preconceptions Prevent Perceptivity

It would be interesting to see what an intelligent person with no previous knowledge of religion or the Bible would come up with reading the Bible from cover to cover.  What doctrines would he come away with?  What church would he go to?  Would that person say baptism is necessary and the point of salvation? (Absolutely) Would that person say instruments in worship are wrong? (Highly doubtful) Would that person say dating or marrying an unbeliever is acceptable?  (Definitely) Would he believe tongues and other gifts of the Spirit are or are not for today?  (I'm not sure.)  Would he really believe the bread and wine of communion became the literal body and blood of Jesus?  (Seriously?)  I could go on & on. . .

If only we could all approach the Word of God with minds willing to learn truth.  But we usually come to the Word with so many of our own preconceived ideas, looking for ways to prove our own beliefs and disprove others' beliefs.  We read with our own beliefs safely cemented in our heads, not allowing the Lord to speak HIS TRUTH to us.  Not willing to consider someone else might be right.   

Where does that leave us?  Right exactly where we started, unwilling to even consider that we might not know absolutely everything that the Bible teaches.  Unwilling to study to see if what we think we know is really truth.  Pretty pathetic, huh?

Perhaps one should approach the Bible a bit differently. Perhaps one should ask God to show HIS TRUTH to us.  

What are the chances that that will ever actually happen? 

Not very good.  

So sad. . . . . . 


  1. I believe these people would read and say, "these people are freaking crazy", I mean you have to admit there is some weird stuff in there (i.e. Book of Revelation) The fact is we believe the religion of the culture we are born into. In all likelihood if you were born in the middle east you would be writing this in reference to the Koran. God's truth, if there were such a thing, appears to be dependant on the culture in which one is born. I

  2. Are you saying that the chances of God showing us "HIS TRUTH" to us when we ask are "not very good"? Huh?

    1. I'm saying the chances of our hearing God are not very good if we are not willing to be open to what the Word really says because we have so many preconceived ideas.